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Supporting arts and culture,
community and higher education
in Northeast Ohio.

The John P. Murphy Foundation was established in 1960 by attorney and businessman John P. Murphy and his wife Gladys T. Murphy to distribute grants for “charitable, educational, scientific, literary and religious purposes” in the Greater Cleveland area.

In the past twenty years, the John P. Murphy Foundation distributed nearly $57.0 million in grants.


In the recent five-year period, nearly half of all grants
made by the Foundation were awarded to a wide variety
of artistic and cultural institutions and organizations in Northeast Ohio. These include The Cleveland Orchestra, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Theater,
Cleveland Play House, and the Museum of
Contemporary Art Cleveland.


The Foundation has a long history of supporting organizations that contribute directly to the quality of
life in Greater Cleveland, especially in the downtown area. Twenty-five percent of all Foundation grants in the recent five-year period have been awarded to these organizations, which include United Way of Greater Cleveland, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Group Plan Commission, Salvation Army of Great Cleveland, and Boy Hope Girls Hope.


With a focus on higher education, twenty-five percent of
all Foundation grants in the past five years have been made to area colleges, universities and other accredited educational institutions. Reflecting its roots in The Higbee Company, the Foundation is especially proud of its long and distinguished history with the Kent State University School of Fashion Design and Merchandising. Other major grantees include Case Western Reserve, Gilmour Academy, Cleveland Institute of Art, and Ursuline College.




John P. Murphy Foundation
1660 West 2nd Street, Suite 800

Cleveland, Ohio 44113-1461


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