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A Passion for music.

A commitment to music
therapy research.

The Kulas Foundation was established in 1937 by the industrialist Elroy J. Kulas and his wife Fynette Hill Kulas
with the primary purpose of supporting the musical arts in the Greater Cleveland area.

Today, the Foundation continues to focus on music and also makes grants in the areas of arts and culture, community,
education and music therapy research. In the past 20 years, the Kulas Foundation has distributed more than $50 million in grants.

KULAS + Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

One shining example of the Foundation’s commitment to both music and Cleveland-based institutions is the outstanding partnership with the one and only Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Both organizations share the belief that music connects all of us, with a common mission to engage, teach, inspire and even heal through the power of music. Watch the video above to learn more about this dynamic collaboration. 


In the recent five year period, more than half of all grants made by the Foundation were in the area of Arts and Culture, primarily for music and music education, which comprised more than seventy-five percent of grants made in this category. As in music, grants made for the visual arts and theater reflect the Foundation's longtime support of major institutions.

Reflective of the Kulas' strong interest in performing arts organizations, a significant percent of the Foundation's annual giving is directed towards Cleveland's major performing arts institutions. Encouragement is also given to many smaller performing arts institutions. Less emphasis is given to the visual arts and other types of museums.


The Foundation has long supported music schools and conservatories in the Greater Cleveland area. It also supports higher education at area colleges, universities
and educational institutions. It generally does not award grants to pre-school, primary or secondary schools.


The Foundation supports organizations that contribute directly to the quality of life in the Greater Cleveland Community.


The Kulas Foundation is the country’s leading
foundation for funding scientific research in music
therapy. As a pioneer supporter of the science, the
Kulas Foundation began funding music therapy
research in the 1940s and it continues to be the
signature of the foundation today.

The Kulas Foundation is internationally recognized
for its innovative research in partnership with
outstanding local medical intuitions including
Cleveland Clinic and Akron Children’s Hospital,
as well as the National Institute of Health.




Kulas Foundation
1660 West 2nd Street, Suite 800

Cleveland, Ohio 44113-1461


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